...and thank you for visiting. If you have visited my site before, then you will notice some changes! I have decided to make a face-lift to this site. It has been with me for about 3 years, so it was time. Over the last few days, I removed all of my previous posts. I wrote about all types of subject matter that spanned the entire spectrum of theology, personal musings, and story. Though I was proud of the content, I decided that I need to narrow my focus and produce content that contributes to my passion and chosen field: Mission, Church, Culture, and Youth Ministry.

The reason for this site is two-fold: First, I want to share resources and ideas and facilitate a dynamic discussion about Mission, Church, Culture, and Youth Ministry. My Posts and Content explore the relationship and intersection between each.

Second, I hope to connect with you in a concrete, tangible way. Online blogs, articles, and websites can be very impersonal. All of us know this and have probably experienced it. The last thing I want my site to become is another "youth ministry" blog taking up online real estate. Rather, I hope that it makes a contribution and provides a platform for us to network, learn, think critically, and further thought on the field of youth ministry, as well as matters in Mission, Church, and Culture.

We make this happen together. I behoove you to comment, respond to others, and contact me directly if you wish by using the Contact Page. My information is available under the 'Contact' tab. Please feel free to explore my biography, consulting and coaching opportunities, speaking requests, academic pursuits, and resume.

May this website bear witness to the real and active presence of Jesus Christ in the here and now...