Orange Friendships

If someone pinned me up against a wall and forced me to confess my MOST favorite Orange quality (though you would never have to do such a thing for me to talk about Orange)… I would say, "Easy! It's all about Friendships!"

Beckham Chums.jpg

In my Monday post, the number one reason that I noted for your church to become Orange is so that you don't do ministry alone! If for no other reason, then Orange is worth its weight in Gold! It's that simple.

In addition to the partnerships that you build with Orange specialists and staff, who are available to walk alongside of you anytime, you also become immediately thrusted into a global community of Orange users! And because Orange is built on a set of values and strategies, not on rote curriculum alone, then you become thrusted into a community of like-minded thinkers and doers! Quite honestly, my Orange friends have become some of my closest ministry colleagues in the field! Many do not even live in CA, and some I have not yet had the privilege of meeting. But we are friends nonetheless because we have Christ in common and share the same values that Orange embodies.

I'd like to introduce you now to some of my friends.

Some on the list below have been friends of mine for a long time, such as Benjamin Kerns. I have had the privilege of diving headfirst into ministry with this guy… because we met through a curriculum called Orange. How rare and God-breathed?! Others, I have only met via Twitter and online, such Elle Campbell, who leads a middle school crew with her husband in New York and hosts a website called Stuff You Can Use. Though she and I have never verbally communicated, we swap resources and promote one another on Twitter... because we met through a curriculum called Orange.

Get to know these people. You are looking at a list of folks who not only serve on the Orange Blogger Team, but they are leaders in their respective ministries and communities. It's an honor serving Jesus and the Church together…

Amy Fenton Lee, The Inclusive Church

Austin Walker, YouthMin

Ben Read, YouthMin

Ben Kerns, Average Youth Ministry

Cass Brannan

Elle Campbell, Stuff You Can Use

Henry Zonio, Kidmin and Culture

Jared Massey, Small Town Kidmin

Jenny Funderburke

Jeremy Lee, Uthmin

Joe McAlpine

Jonathan Cliff

Mary Carver, Giving Up on Perfect

Matt McKee

Matt Norman, It’s Pastor Matt

Michael Bayne

Nick Blevins

Paul Mannio, Orange Dad

Ryan Reed

Sam Luce

Tom Pounder, Ministry Blackboard

Tonya Langdon, Kidmin 1124 and Special Need Kidz

Wendy Douglas, Saved Sister

JC Thompson,

Dig into their chili. Comment on their posts. Hit 'em up with an email and probe into why they do what they do! Stay tuned for more Orange tomorrow.

QUESTION: Who are your friends and colleagues in ministry, and how did you meet?