For Those Who Could Not Attend #OC13...

I am here on your behalf and writing for you. 

Over the next several days, I will be documenting the sessions that I attend, speakers I meet, and conversations had in a series of blog posts titled: #OC13

I don't want you to miss a thing! In fact, through my posts, I want to offer you the opportunity to dig into the very same conversations and process through the very same experiences in which I am immersed here at #OC13. 

Following each session, I will post a 'half-post' of about 400-500 words that describes the broad theme of the session and offer my response to it. Below is my schedule for the conference and the series in which my posts will arrive:

"You Leading You: - The Art of Self-Leadership" with Jim Wideman

"Protecting Your Investment: Transitioning Students from High School into College" with Chuck Bomar and Jared Herd

"10 Things I Do to Learn, Lead, and Network with Others"

"Viruses, Roots, and Velcro: What they Teach Us About Getting and Keeping Volunteers"

"Modern Family: Successfully Bridging the Gap Between Church and Home"

And then some extras that you won't see comin……

Let's dig into this together, learn together, dialogue together, and equip one another for the good work of serving our churches to serve teenagers and their families in the name of Jesus!

QUESTION: What needs to happen in order for you to attend #OC14 next year?