Catapults #loveGodloveKolkata

More than 14 months ago, I sat with my Lead Pastor, and suggested an idea that I thought for sure would land in the recycle bin. I said to him, "What if we took our Graduating Seniors to Kolkata?"

He leaned over and said, "Let's go for it!"

Within a week's time, we had both an email sent to Freeset and heard a response from them affirming our desire to serve with them on mission.

In a matter of days, God catapulted us into a journey that he has been leading - in a rather remarkable way - ever since. Who knew that God would take such a hairbrained idea like mine over a lunch with my Lead Pastor, redeem it, and use it to lead us where I am sitting right now: in the heart of Kolkata, India, amidst not just poverty, but the Sisters of Charity, other Indian Christians, and a Campus Crusade for Christ team from San Francisco!

It should not surprise me that God does these kinds of things. But he always does. I should be accustomed to God using the hairbrained, the unworthy, and the broken, such as myself, to participate in his Kingdom work all over the world. But I'm not. God continually surprises me with his unending, undeserving grace. We should not be here. Thousands of obstacles have nearly derailed us over the last 14 months, but still God says, "Go!" - even when the world says, "No!"

Over the next several days, I want to invite you onto our journey through Kolkata together. Many of you who read my blog have either contributed to the India Project either financially and/or through prayer. You are just as much part of this adventure as we are on it.

Therefore, in an effort for you to become hairbrained with us, I will be posting an assortment of articles and personal video responses. If you are not subscribed to my website, then you may ant to in order to receive these posts in your inbox. Just submit your name and email address on the right hand sidebar of the homepage.

Pray for us. We believe that God has an agenda for us this week, and we think it's a hefty one! May God's will be done with our lives and in this city.

The adventure has begun!