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One of the more insightful, practical resources on small group leadership and student ministry that I've read in the last year undoubtedly has been Lead Small  by Reggie Joiner, founder and CEO of Orange

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This book provides a comprehensive understanding and foundation for how and why to lead small groups in a church of any size - from less than 100 to mega-sized.

Lead Small states, 

Lead Small clarifies the responsibility of the small group leader for those who work with children and teenagers. It establishes 5 common threads so that those who choose to lead in any size church can work off the same blueprint. 
When you lead small you realize that what you do for a few has more potential than what you could for many. When you lead small you choose to invest in the lives of a few to encourage authentic faith. 

Small wins every time.  


Like many, I wrestle with the tension between growth as success versus growth as individuals who know Jesus. 

I believe my urge for our student ministry and organization to grow is an outworking of my passion and drive within me for students and people in general to know and receive Jesus Chris. Concretely speaking, numbers provide a real-time, accurate indication of who and how many people come to faith.

The problem, however, occurs when my drive for growth overshadows and blinds me to the students and others already in my presence. No doubt at some point in our ministry - probably within our first week or so on the job, if we're honest - we encounter this issue. 

Lead Small  addresses with astounding clarity and relevance why you WANT to choose just a few - for the sake of disicpleship, life, and faith development - why you want to lead small.

Joiner breaks down the book into 5 bite-sized pieces, the importance of:

1. Being Present - Connect their faith to a community.

2. Creating a Safe Place - Clarifying their faith as they grow.

3. Partnering with Parents - Nurture an everyday faith.  

4. Making it Personal - Inspire their faith by your example. 

5. Moving them Out - Engage their faith in a bigger story.  

Joiner utilizes your own experience in a rather creative way by providing ample space for you to journal your reactions to specific sections. For a hardcopy book, it's paving the path of innovation for communication and engagement.

You want this book in your library. You want to give this book away to your leaders. And you want to adopt the philosophy set forth in this book for small group leadership and disicpleship into your scheme. It changed how I do everything around small groups, and I cannot commend it more highly to you!  

Subscribe to my site by email to enter to win a free copy of Lead Small. 

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QUESTION: How do you structure your small groups, and how much leverage do you allow your volunteer leaders to  lead?