My Personal Journey on How I Became Orange

My journey with Orange began 2 years ago.  

I started my employment and pastoral leadership over the Hillside Church student ministry in August 2011. Ironically, I began this journey on the same exact day that my Lead Pastor started his employment, as well. To some, this may seem so bizarre. It was for sure, but for us in our context, it was the best possible scenario, for it opened doors for both my Lead Pastor and me to explore Orange with our Family Ministry Team without any pretense or hesitation. 

In my first couple of weeks at Hillside, my Family Ministry counterpart, Terri Woodard, took me to lunch and talked to me about this new curriculum and ministry strategy with which she had gone all-in called Orange. 

If anything about my interview process and first few weeks seemed bizarre, it was learning about a ministry strategy and curriculum named after a color. What good could come from a color? It seemed a bit hokie, but who am I to turn down a free lunch? Not me! I'll listen to anything for a free meal. 

An hour later, I whipped out my brand new church credit card, and I registered for my first series.  

Orange has provided a standard, language, and framework for family ministry systems, namely kids ministry and student ministry - which for far too long have operated in a mutually exclusive manner - to function together and become mutually and fully inclusive systems, ultimately providing a total, complete faith formative experience for kids aged birth through college.

Terri and I work together not just in bridge-type events between our two ministries. But through Orange, we have placed a new value on rites of passage throughout childhood and adolescents, common language that we use together for our parents and leaders, developmentally appropriate telling of biblical stories, and even shared leadership (wow, try that one on for size!).

Over the last two years, Orange has grown, developed, and listened to its users and community. The folks at Orange value not just the growth of its platform and use of its curriculum, but it values even more the ways it impacts the church and faith formation of those students and families who hear it and put it into practice in everyday life. 

Orange is essential for Family Ministry Pastors and leaders. No other curriculum compares to its comprehensive strategy and curriculum. 

Visit,,  for more information and ways to try the curriculum for free. 

Try it. Do it. I will personally refund your money if you don't like it.

QUESTION: In what ways can you better align your Kid Ministry systems and Student Ministry systems?