The Open Bay Area Recap Videos

On Saturday, November 16th, the Youth Cartel hosted the first ever Open Bay Area in Marin County, CA.

The Youth Cartel is a small team comprised of Mark Oestreicher and Adam McLane, veteran workers in the field of Youth Ministry, who are simple seeking to "instigate a revolution in youth ministry." 

As part of this revolution, they leverage their own platform for the sake of offering a voice to the typical youth pastor to share her/his latest, relevant ideas from their own particular context. They call these gatherings "Opens," for they create open space for discussion to happen across denominations, church sizes, and levels of expertise.

It's a revolutionary concept that brings together some of the wisest minds in the field of youth ministry to critically think through theology and form within a specific context. 

A bunch of us gathered together a couple of weeks ago for the Open Bay Area to learn from one another, encourage each other, and hear about resources that we can use right now to do better youth ministry in the Bay Area. A total of 12 speakers offered talks ranging from how we respond to tenets of post-Christianity amongst our teenagers and families to how we can partner with schools to make a stronger presence on campus for our kids. 

One of the many gifts that the Youth Cartel offered during this day included a full HD video of every one of the talks given that day. This means that if for some reason you could not attend or you missed something that one of the speakers said, then you can get full, inhibited access to all of it (minus the discussion afterward - still a great deal!), as well as talks given by previous Open speakers from other cities around the country.

Below, I have embedded a few of the talks from the day, but you can see all of them for yourself on the Youth Cartel's Youtube Channel. I hope you dig in and enjoy the content from the day!

QUESTION: What is your response to the content of these videos given the issues that you face within your ministry context?