A Case and Instruction for Background Checks

A number of components comprise a healthy, faithful, and trustworthy ministry.

Among them includes a worked out process for hiring and releasing staff and volunteers, a specific and dedicated mission, and a concrete vision for direction. A list a mile long could span this post of all of the different pieces that make up a thriving ministry.

All of these components work together to orchestrate the ethos of a ministry. None of these components are better than the other. Some may seem more significant than others, but take away the small pieces, and often a ministry becomes paralyzed - or at slows way the heck down! Moreover, I believe that God uses each one of these components to create ministries that facilitate orderly and decent modes of ministry to occur (a throwback to 1 Corinthians 14).

Additionally, a measure that must not be overlooked, however, are Background Checks. A background check safeguards a ministry - as much as any church or organization may do so under the eyes of the law - from incurring serious lawsuits and penalties should an issue ever arise. They limit liability - not eradicate it - and prove in a court of law that a church or organization did its due diligence and made every effort to protect the individuals within the organization. 

I am continually amazed by how so many ministries still do not possess well thought out safeguard measures to protect the church or organization and most important, the vulnerable and weak of a ministry. It is imperative that we - especially in the field of family ministry - take seriously the call to protect those who call our ministry their spiritual home. 

In an effort to begin the conversation, take a look at the infographic below to learn more about why you need to invest in background checks and how to begin the process of becoming a church or organization that values the people with whom you serve. This is merely an introduction into the process. I highly encourage you to find someone from whom you can learn more about this process. 

Your people, including those who will be asked to undergo a background check, will be grateful for serving in an organization that takes the role of diligence and protection seriously. 

QUESTION: What is your church's or organization's process for undergoing background checks? Who receives a background check, and why?