I'm Out of Here... Just for a Week!

A few days ago, my wife, daughter, and I arrived in Miami to visit old friends and family. Great visit! It is always wonderful when we reconnect with both sides of our family who live up and down the East Coast, along with our friends spread across the country. Our visits with them always remind us of the good things of life!

Currently, we are awaiting departure for a week of no internet, no phone, no cable, no email, and no fast food :). Nothing except my family and the ocean. Pray for us as my family enjoys the fun and love of sharing life together during our Sabbath rest. You can also pray for me personally that I go undefeated in Banagrams.

God moved in the lives of those who participated in my mission trip to Mexico last week. I have outlined a couple more articles about this trip that I was hoping to post before my departure today. Unfortunately, I did not complete them in time. I will be looking forward to posting them during the week of August 3.

May God continue to provide and use the people of La Mision. May God continue to transform the lives of the students, families, and community at Hillside Church.

Prayers on you!