Don't Worry, Monday's Here!

During the Easter season, I heard a seminary professor once say: "We live in an in-between time — between despair and hope — between the Resurrection of Jesus and the Return of Jesus - between the inauguration of the Kingdom of God and the final redemption of all things."

In other words, my professor wanted us to know that we live in the promise of redemption, but not yet in the fulfillment of it.

And I absolutely agree!

I see a world famished with sin, groaning in pain. Over two-thirds of the world lives without clean drinking water. Thousands of children die everyday due to poor healthcare - that could be prevented with a simply prescription made by a doctor. Civil wars crush whole societies. Entire people groups can be wiped off the face of the Earth by a single person. We oppress the homeless and poor in our country.

Yes, I think all of us agree that we live in a broken world in need of serious repair. As Christians, we get this tension, and we long for the final redemption of our world and all within it, where all things and people — the whole world — will be set back to rights!

In the same way, during that fated Saturday a couple of millennia ago, a few mourned the death and defeat of a peer-proclaimed Rabbi. No hope for return. No hope for victory. The once hope-filled movement of restoration and salvation -- seemingly squashed by the powers that be! As quick as it started... it ended. 

But then came Sunday!

We know what happened on Sunday. A few women, on their way to place spices in the tomb, met by a gardener, discovered an empty tomb! Jesus resurrected from the dead! He reclaimed the truth that God did indeed inaugurate a new Kingdom through a man beaten to death and crucified on a criminal's cross!

Jesus met his core eleven and others for breakfast and showed the truth of his resurrection by displaying his nail-pierced hands.

The truth of the resurrection - along with its theological significance for what it proclaims -  beckons all of those who follow Jesus to participate in his ongoing redemption story and celebrate the Good News of Jesus Christ. Sunday! He is risen… he is risen indeed!

And then along came... Monday. The day after the resurrection. Monday marked the beginning of the good hard work by his followers to share with the WHOLE WORLD the good news that our Lord raised from the dead! Salvation is here for all who believe, and the kingdom of God is bursting forth on Earth, as it is in Heaven!

Unlike the real Saturday before Easter Sunday, we can see an empty tomb in our rear view. The Church now knows the reality of hope that awaits us; we can feel it. Our belief and trust for what Christ did for us calls us to participate into the good news of his resurrection everyday. So, let's get to work, and share with the world the Good News of victory and salvation!

We are a Monday people! Christ has risen! He is risen, indeed!

QUESTION: Where do you observe the need for redemption in your world, and what role has God given you to share good news?