Episode 02: How to Lead Your Students to Camp Without Breaking the Bank

Welcome to the Thursday Morning Debrief with Ben and Ryan.  

This is a podcast where we seek to leverage our friendship to maintain a soft heart towards Jesus and our ministry.

In this week's episode: "How to Lead Your Students to Winter Camp Without Breaking the Bank."

This week we discuss:

Why a youth worker should spend the money to go to winter camp; the perilous nature of programming these events; practical best practices in budget preparation; and, an epic budget template (for free). 

One of the great challenges for every youth worker is doing what you need to do, in order to do what you love to do.

This week's musical selection: "Money, Money" by Billy Idol was chosen by Ben to get the financial juices flowing.

Blessing for the Youth Worker

May you find your rest and hope in Christ. May you grow in wise discernment for how you to use the resources provided to you and your church. And may you be faithful in all things - with whatever things - for the glory of Christ in your church, with your students, and in your community.  

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