Episode 03: How To Be an Excellent Youth Worker and Spouse

Welcome to the Thursday Morning Debrief with Ben and Ryan.  

***My apologies for sending this episode out of order. That was a mistake on my part. Ben and I hope you enjoy this episode as you strive to bring the pendulum of life close to the center between your family and career. May the Lord guide you...

This is a podcast where we seek to leverage our friendship to maintain a soft heart towards Jesus and towards our ministry.

In this week's episode, we address the golden question: "How to be an Excellent Youth Worker and Spouse"

This week we discuss:

How do you balance your professional and personal life?  Can you be excellent at both?

You know that sinking feeling when your life feels out of whack. How do you respond?

How do you balance your limited amount of time to complete your work?

We discuss the natural timeline of the youth worker and its impact on family.

Part of the solution means redefining what it means to be the best.

How do you define what excellence means? How does your supervisor define it?

You must manage your schedule and keep it locked down. 

Your family relationships will determine your future health in ministry, not what you accomplish, so you must first invest there. You can do so by adhering to the following simple ideas: 

1. Turn off technology

2. Know your role - you're not as important as you think

3. Create experiences that will knit your spouse’s heart closer to both Jesus and you.

At the end of the day, we must submit our career ambitions to the Lord and unite with our spouse.

This weeks musical selection, "Relentless," by Hillsong was chosen by Ryan.  Coming off of winter camp, Ryan has been encouraged by these guys and their good ‘ol fashioned millennial worship.

Blessing for the Youth Worker by Ben

May you child of God, called to be a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, called to be the caretaker of not only the heart, but of the soul of your family, may you continue to be humble, gentle, and receptive to the Holy Spirit to keep that pendulum right where it needs to be. May we all experience God’s grace when we crash and burn. And may everything we do be for the glory of Jesus Christ.  

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