Episode 05: When to NARK on Your Students

Welcome to the Thursday Morning Debrief with Ben and Ryan.  

This is a podcast where we seek to leverage our friendship to maintain a soft heart towards Jesus and towards our ministry.

In this weeks episode: When should you NARK on your students?

  • What are the hot topics?
  • Some factors for you to consider.
  • When to call for help.
  • We must keep our eye on the long game.

This weeks musical selection, One Sixteen, by Trip Lee chosen by Ryan.  Truthfully, Ben does not understand why I pick these songs, but I am not always down for his angsty Gen X music either - one of the reasons why I love this guy.  Enjoy some Trip Lee this week, and I am sure that next week, he will give us more Alanis Morissette.   

Blessing for the Youth Worker:

May you navigate and discern the heart of your students by relying on the leadership of the Spirit for when to choose to keep information to yourself and when to tell someone else. May your remain humble and your hands remain open. May everything you do be a faithful witness to the redemption and salvation of Christ! In the name of Christ, Amen!

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