Leave Multi-Tasking for What Really Matters

According to the latest research, you will close this post (or at least shift to something else) after reading about 140 words, which means I have 113 words left to compel you to keep going.

Let's see if you check out the interesting infographic at the bottom after reading the following simple anecdote:

I received a tweet from one of my adult volunteer high school leaders tonight. It read, "High school Teachers: you have SO much influence on ur Seniors. I'm witnessing it now hanging w/ teens being vulnerable. Take it seriously."

Spoken by an elementary school principal, who knows well what time spent with kids means to them. 

Here's a truthful statement: something will always be available to take your attention. But true leaders choose to own every decision and give every minute of the day an intentional assignment. 

Bottom line: your students need you. Their parents need you. Your volunteers, staff, and network need you. Don't continue to be sucked into the never-ending abyss of facebook notifications, emails, and sports center updates. Choose your call. Own your time.

QUESTION: What tools, resources, and "tricks of the trade" do you implement to keep you focused and on task?