I'm Off to Orange! See You There! #OC14

I am headed to Orange right now - like literally right now as you read this. I am on a plane destined for HOTlanta to attend the 2014 Orange Conference. 

I am filled with much anticipation. I've learned that Orange will be discussing the future direction of its curriculum, as well as announcing new items and products. I am also aware that Andy Stanley will be giving a talk during one of the main sessions about how to minster to gay teens. Without any doubt, the content of the conference should spurn on faithful, productive discussion.

In fact, I believe this conference will become one that goes down in the history books as one of the most significant family ministry conferences in recent years. 

Again, I will be serving as one of the official conference bloggers during the event. Beginning this Wednesday, I will post each day through the end of the week, sharing the highlight of a breakout, main session, or interesting conversation, using #OC14 as the tag to every one of the titles. 

You can expect content on the topics of student ministry, along with a post about next generation leadership within the church, especially pertinent to parents, leaders, volunteers, and caring adults of teenagers. 

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I honestly cannot wait to share with you what I will learn at this conference. Last year when I attended, I left feeling refreshed, renewed, and equipped to carry on the task of student ministry within the context of my local church. Get a glimpse by reading several of my previous posts from last year located on my Archives - search for posts ending in #OC13.

I hope and pray that this week I leave feeling the same, and able to offer you the tools and resources necessary to continue on your journey of student ministry - either as a leader, parent, volunteer, or caring adult.