On Life and Blogging II

Let me reacquaint myself. I used to send you blog posts on ministry and culture... that is, until my family and I moved to Miami and welcomed a brand new baby boy into our family. 

As you can imagine, life turned upside down for my family and me in all the best ways. Almost a year ago today, I received a call, asking me to interview for a new role in a new city. That same week, my wife discovered that she was pregnant!

Within a month, we waved goodbye to the only city our marriage ever knew, welcomed our first born, and made the closest friends of our life. We set out on a new adventure, beckoning us to a greater calling than we could imagine!

Nearly a year later - and eight months since my last blog post - I think I finally found a state of equilibrium (or at least as much as one can with a 2 year old and 3 month old) to resume blogging as usual. 

Now, I fully understand that some of you may not even remember my blog - or that you even subscribed to it, which is why before I resume blogging on a regular basis, I want to offer you an option to unsubscribe. You may do so at the bottom of this email.

Next week, while attending the Orange ReThink Leadership Conference, I will once again blog one to two times per week - probably on Mondays and Thursdays, as I once did. The primary focus of my writings include gospel, church, culture, ministry, and leadership, as well as youth and young adults. As an official blogger for Orange, you can also expect reviews on Orange material. During the conference next week, along with the couple weeks to follow, I will post my reviews of each of the major sessions that I attend, so if you are unable to meet me there, then stay tuned! In fact, here’s the initial Live Stream to peek in live!

I would love to meet you there, so if you do plan on attending, then please by all means, contact me and let me know. 

I've been eagerly anticipating this moment when life settled into enough of a rhythm that I could resume the very thing that the Spirit used to bring me so much life and clarity - writing. I do hope that you decide to stick around, comment every once in a while, and engage with my content. I praise God for the last eight months, and I cannot wait for what the next eight months hold for all of us! 

May the Lord be with you, and I pray this site may serve as a witness to the one who gave all grace and peace to us.