Parenting Connected Kids

Occasionally, I read a post or see an infographic that POPS out of the page at me, and I immediately think about how much my readers and subscribers would appreciate this, as well. I saw the graphic below this morning on Doug Fields' website, and it immediately brought to my mind all of my prior conversations on this topic with parents, kids, and other pastors.

I hope the content on this infographic spurns you onto conversation, further knowledge, and ideas about how you - as a parent, pastor, or caring adult - can equip kids about the power of technology.

As you read the infographic, ask yourself the 2 questions below (If you are reading this post in your email and cannot see the infographic below, then please click here):

How does your family integrate social media into the ethos of your everyday life?

What kind of rules and guidelines does your family use for social media?