Rethink Leadership Conference Day 1 #RL16 #OC16



Strategy is a plan of action with an end in mind.

Think of motorcycle training through cones. Look at the cones, and you will hit it. Look at an object at the end of the cones, and you will pass every time.

Misalignment happens - all the time - relationships, marriage, teams, tires.

What you need to work on is alignment.

Think with the end of mind - what do you want to become? - then align your content and strategy accordingly.

What is the one environment most optimal for life change? North Point says small groups.

We must economize on time to get the leadership team, volunteer teams, and core teams aligned together and focused all together with the end in mind.


Vision is everything… or is it?

Many leaders cast a clear vision, but few have a clear strategy.

Most leaders take fundamentally incompatible systems and blend them together. Like taking a Dell and an Apple.

Mission and vision determine intention, but strategy determines direction.

Strategy initially divides, but ultimately unites every organization.

Eventually strategy aligns the organization. But you need to get through the initial division. Mission here becomes your best friend because we can return to the mission.

The reason you can sleep at night as a leader is not because of a clear vision; it’s because of a clear strategy.

When you can’t articulate the fear inside of you, it’s a strategy fear.

So, what’s your strategy, and what are you doing about it? And if someone does not like it, then they can go to a different church. Not everyone needs to get to heaven on our bus.

GUIDING THOUGHT: We need to shift the question from thinking that best practices work as a 1 to 1 transfer, but ask the larger question of does this best practice fit into our structure as a compatible system?


Forms and functions change, but convictions never should.

When philosophy meets reality - when strategy meets reality.

3 lessons surfaced during a time of dissension within his church for how to change the strategy without losing the core:

- understanding that even within the missional movement that church is a centrifugal institution.
    - had to change how they did things at the center to push out to the fringes
    - can you measure the center? do you know who the core is? are you measuring the core? who’s the core? who’s the periphery? who’s the fans?
- vision is taught, culture is felt. culture is a blanket building around people, rather than information being downloaded to them.
- consistency, people want consistency from their leaders more than anything else. if we merely impart systems upon our people, then we give them whiplash. do we know who we are? can we consistently communicate who we are.

Vision is like a warm snugly on a cold day. Strategy is carving the hard path.

The CEO’s primary role is to curate and architect the design of the environment that produces excellence of the product.


Order in Your Private World

Hardest part of strategy for a leader is that it forces you to acknowledge your limits. More that you reach your limits, more that you encounter a limitless God.

Fall push
Winter maintenance
Spring sprint
Summer infrastructure

Take a month off

Half day a week off to read, pray, and dream

Nieuwhof does not take meetings on mondays and wednesdays

Bigger is not better; better is better. @LeonceCrump #RL16

Without strategy, the things that matter most get the rest of our time, not the best of our time. @JonAcuff #RL16

Ignore the wrong people, and welcome the right people. @LeonceCrump #RL16


It is so helpful in the organization when you let leadership go. As the leader, we know how, when, and why we want something done, so out temptation will always be to take over. You may experience success quickly, but we will always risk being the limiting factor to our growth. 

Listen to the interview between Gavin and Andy Stanley on Andy's Leadership Podcast. 

1. We are incapable of doing everything that needs to be done. 

2. At a certain level, we no longer know what needs to be done. 

3. A leader does not add value everywhere. 

4. Time goes by really quick, so you need to figure it out now. 

5. Delegation is about giving away authority and responsibility, not just tasks. This frees you to do what only you can do, and allows others to do the same.  

The one thing that Andy Stanley does most is give away leadership. This is the secret sauce for what makes North Point so successful. 

I asked this question: What has been the steepest learning curve you've gone through at North Point? His answer: Managing tensions within a matrix organization. 

We do not want managers on our campus, we want leaders. 

NP is developing leaders far more quickly and with more depth due to decentralized leadership and campus autonomy. 

How do you address mission drift within a decentralized form of structure? Every week all of the campus pastors and multi site leaders and the core leaders all sit together and strategize together. 

What guard rails do you use to prevent rogue leaders? Clear concrete delegations, specific clarity, and cultural infusion. 

Core Questions to ask those with whom you work: What can I do to help? If you were me, what would you do differently?

In the pursuit of releasing leadership, I work so hard to build a culture of trust within my staff to take risks, stay innovative, own mistakes, and not to worry about limited opportunities later. 

One of the best advice ever received: do not use the word I in staff meetings, and comment less on the wins. Simply value to individual and give away the celebration to the staff! Let the staff share, and change I to We. Make it inclusive!


Keeping your calling current is critical to soul momentum. Witnessing Christ change you life is just as important as witnessing Christ change the life of others. Like Leviticus, keep the fire going in the alter and not let it burn out. 

Romans passage... never lacking in zeal. He didn't say that someone else is responsible with your zeal. You are.

Smoke what you're selling, and sell what you're smoking. 

Three questions that keep me smoking Jesus: 

1. What's my current word from the Lord? What is the Lord whispering to you? You are not just a leader. You are a spiritual leader. You must tend to your soul and listen for the Lord. 

2. What's my current obedience to the Lord (very personal) The more casual I become in my obedience, the more professional I become in ministry. What are you hiding? See clip of Oreo stealing kid from America's Funniest Home Video. What do you need to say yes and no to? When was the last time you fasted? There can be sacrifice without obedience, but rarely can there by sacrifice without obedience. 

3. What is my current awe before the Lord (very personal)? 

4. What's your current territory?

5. What's your current risk to take the territory?

6. What's your current discipline to take the risk?