See You at Orange! #OC15

In less than 24 hours, I will be touching down in Atlanta to attend the annual Orange Conference, hosted and sponsored by the reThink Group. 

I make the Orange Conference my 'must attend' conference every year. In fact, it is the only conference to which I travel (from California to Georgia), even investing my own money at times to make this trip possible. I believe in what this conference represents. It is the most comprehensive conference in Family and Next Generation ministry out there. It targets children's ministry just as well as student ministry, even creating space for special needs ministry and executive tracks for senior leadership. I have written extensively about Orange, the conference, and all of the benefits of its curriculum and community. I am sold out for Orange. I am a blogger for the organization and contribute on a monthly basis to the Orange Leaders blog. Visit my Archives Page and read all of my posts about Orange under the heading "Orange." Most important, I use it every week in my respective areas of ministry. I highly commend this organization to you. 

Just the other day, a good friend of mine here in the Bay Area posed a Facebook question, asking his followers - many of whom serve in student ministry - what we recommend for a yearly conference. Of the dozen or so respondents, all but one said Orange. The other said Youth Specialties. As a Student Pastor, I highly commend this conference to you above any other. 

Yet, the conference starts in just 2 days! I can imagine that many of you reading this now may be thinking, too late! The good news, however, is for the first time in conference history, Orange will be streaming certain parts of the conference - live - and for free! 

If you can’t be with us, or have friends and co-workers that can’t, be sure to tune into the Live Stream! It’ll be held during the event at but I’d suggest that you RSVP at to get the extra perks and offers we’ll be sending.

Additionally, for those who neither can attend, nor watch the live stream, I will be posting my notes from selected workshops and main sessions that I attend. You will find these posts on my blog beginning later this week into the couple of weeks that follow the conference. 

I love student and family ministry, and if you found yourself interested in my post and blog, then chances are that you do to. I am looking forward to dialoguing further about the content from the conference, and if you will be there, then drop me a line. I would love to meet you! Blessings on you!