5 Keys to Communicating a Successful Vision

Great leaders lead with great vision!

In my experience with Student Pastors, we do not need much assistance with creating vision for ministry. Many student pastors excel in their chosen field because they are idealists, dreamers, and creative.

But a great vision is worth nothing without the complimentary skill set to communicate it. Vision without strategic and well-intentioned communication remains just an imaginary nugget. Vision requires communication.

Great vision is worth nothing without the complimentary skill set to communicate it.

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Take a Break from Your Day #OC13

Need a break? Laugh your way through the next 2 minutes and 12 seconds. .

One of the major themes highlighted during the Orange Conference last week was the importance and essence of FUN in our church ministry environment - ALL ministries - from the nursery to the big room. Fun over time breeds connection. It allows for strangers to drop down the walls enough for others to peek into their lives. FUN normalizes and stabilizes strange, new environments. And it connects us to one of the visible fruits of the an active and engaged Holy Spirit in our life: Joy.

Perhaps most important, FUN draws all of us us into the wonder and imagination of God. Look for a post in the next couple of weeks on the theology of FUN!

QUESTION: How has creating a culture of FUN sparked community for your church or organization?

Protect Your Investment #OC13

I don't like my time wasted. You might as well steal my money because my time means that much to me. You and I work hard to cultivate student ministry programs that serve the teenagers, families, and church community in which we lead. And like you, I want to ensure that I am investing my time in the most appropriate, impactful, and significant ways possible.

For Those Who Could Not Attend #OC13...

I am here on your behalf and writing for you. 

Over the next several days, I will be documenting the sessions that I attend, speakers I meet, and conversations had in a series of blog posts titled: #OC13

I don't want you to miss a thing! In fact, through my posts, I want to offer you the opportunity to dig into the very same conversations and process through the very same experiences in which I am immersed here at #OC13.