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Making Your Church a Place Where Kids Belong

Making Your Church a Place Where Kids Belong

Today is my third blog post of 3 featuring the latest initiative by a premier family-focused ministry organization called Orange. For more information about Orange, check out their site

This week, the brilliant folks at Orange launched, an online resource of their most recent publications. I highly commend Orange and their philosophy of family ministry to you for a number of reasons, but namely, they inspire, encourage, and equip folks from across the ecclesial spectrum to do better family-based ministry within their local context. Hands down, as a Student Pastor, with more than 10 years of experience in the field, it is the best stuff on the market.

You can read some of my many blog posts about Orange here.  

And who doesn't want to do better ministry?

Say YES to Tension #OC14

Say YES to Tension #OC14

By far the most invigorating, challenging and hopeful main session talks of the 2014 Orange Conference occurred during the first main session. No surprise that Reggie Joiner brought the goods during his first talk of the conference, but the content surprised many of us. He addressed the tension of the the sticky, messy faith of kids and teenagers. Joiner called all of us to think outside the box with creativity and inclusion. Quite honestly, he made all of us think about what it means to love truly and authentically, which for a man of his platform and popularity, took a lot of courage to do, even though churches and Christians need to hear his message nonetheless. 

I posted my notes below for you to read - or better said: to wrestle with! Let yourself enter into the tension of the phrases before you either choose sides or disregard Joiner's talk entirely. And as you do so, keep a teenager, family member, new Christian, or non-Christian friend you know in mind. I did this while listening to his talk, and it made this tension all the more real.

Lead Small Book Giveaway!

One of the more insightful, practical resources on small group leadership in student ministry that I've read in the last year undoubtedly has been Lead Small  by Reggie Joiner, founder and CEO of Orange

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This book provides a comprehensive understanding and practical foundation for how and why to lead small groups in a church of any size - from less than 100 to mega-sized.