Tijuana dump

And the Lame Shall Walk #loveGodloveMexico

And the Lame Shall Walk #loveGodloveMexico

“Did that really happen?”

On the third day of our mission work in La Mision, Mexico, we broke from the typical rhythm of the week, and headed north toward the border city, Tijuana. 

We traveled along Mexico Highway 1, the international extension of the Pacific Coast Highway, not knowing at all what awaited for us at our destination.

Our mission for that day: to pray and provide food for the people living in the “Old" Tijuana Dump - the slums of Tijuana. I place the term ‘old’ in quotations because supposedly the dump shut down about 6 years ago. The catch, however, is that the owner of the dump recently reopened it for income and now uses certain portions of it - some directly next door to the homes living in the community - to dump garbage.