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Parent Like the Next Four Generations Matter

Parent Like the Next Four Generations Matter

I think most of us would agree that as kids, the stories from the Old Testament scared us! At least they did for me! Reading those ancient, historic tales kept me up at night. They juiced my imagination and instilled the fear of God in me... literally! In fact, they shaped me into the man and Pastor I am today. 

One story in particular stayed with me. It is so familiar that you might know it yourself: Exodus 20 - the Ten Commandments! Now, you might be thinking that this story does not consist of the battle scenes and death blows like some of the other passages in Exodus. True, but God says something here that frightened me as a kid, and if I am honest, still frightens me today. The author writes in verses 4-5:

Do Your Students Really Feel Ashamed for Doubting?

Do Your Students Really Feel Ashamed for Doubting?

In the not so distant past, one of the dominant discussions permeating throughout student ministry consisted of the tension between doubt and shame. Does the church bestow shame - either implicitly or explicitly - upon students who doubt?

Perhaps, among certain cultures, certain geographical locations, certain groups of people who interpret Scripture a particular way, certain networks and denominations of churches - perhaps - but I believe that this paradigm of discipleship is fading fast into the distant background. 

Full House: The Rise of Millennials Living at Home - Infographic

A recent Pew Research analysis found that 21.6 million America’s young people—that’s 36 percent of Millennials (loosely categorized as those between the ages of 18 to 31)—live with their parents at home.

With the highest percentage in at least four decades, the study attributed the rise to three major factors: declining employment, rising college enrollment, and declines in marriage rate.

Click below on the "Read More" button to see the infographic on how the changing trends in our society and economy are changing opportunities for Millennials.

QUESTION: How ought the church respond to the rise of Millennials living at home?