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Harnessing the Dynamic Qualities of Orange

What does it mean to harness the qualities of a color?  

Orange connects parents and leaders with the same strategy and same end goal.
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For Family Ministry leaders, Orange represents much more than a color. It is a philosophy, a strategy for implementation, and a community.

3 Reasons to Share Your Platform with a Guest Speaker

A couple of weeks ago, I invited my good friend and colleague in ministry, Curtis Zackery, better known as CZ, to speak to my high school students at our weekly gathering called Anthem.

That's him in the above photo! CZ is a highly gifted speaker, hip hop artist, and pastor. Over the course of our short friendship together, he has sharpened me into a better husband, pastor, and thinker. We routinely swap resources and ideas. I value our friendship, and I am grateful for his witness in my life.

The Art of Meeting with a Parent

As my good friend remarked the other day, there is an art to meeting with a parent.

I agree, and it is crucial. I know several youth pastors and youth workers who recognize the overwhelming benefit of parent partnerships but feel either intimidated or under qualified to actually do it. Allow me to dispel this: God has entrusted you with the privileged task of gathering, equipping, and sending students. Therefore, be confident in your call and leadership. Period.

Adult Leaders as Chaperones to Adult Leaders as Youth Pastors

I hold a philosophy of leadership that allows much space for my adult leaders to own and embrace the responsibility of faith formation within the lives of our students. Essentially, I want to create space for my adult leaders to function like youth pastors in the lives of their 3-5 kids.

With each passing week that I serve with my leaders at Wyldlife and Anthem, I am landing all the more on this paradigm for adult leadership in youth ministry. I touched on "the why" part of this subject a couple of weeks ago in my post: "Take Your Head Out of the Sand." It may be helpful for you to read that post first before continuing with this one.