You Gotta Make It to OC17

One of the most important events on my annual professional calendar is the Orange Conference.

Why Orange? In sum, when it comes to a student ministry curriculum, I have not found one as powerful, versatile, comprehensive, and intentional as Orange. It cares for the middle school student just as much as the elderly aunt who takes care of him. Orange seeks to equip the entire family, not just the teenage kid, for both individual and familial faith. That simple.

As a user since 2011, I've continually been sold by how well it prepares me to share the Gospel with teenagers and build parent partnerships for faithful ministry in the home. 

I highly commend the conference to you! Orange provides nationally-reknown speakers, such as Andy Stanley, Jon Acuff, and Reggie Joiner, the founder and CEO of Orange. The breakout sessions delve into practical, relevant content that address the issues important to you and your people - whether you live with me in Miami or in the fields of Omaha. And interaction with the larger Orange community of other like-minded folks, seeking to learn and do better ministry with families, is worth the price of admission alone. 

Not to mention, the conference gives you an excuse to get the heck out of dodge and do something that we ministry professionals, volunteers, and caring adults rarely get to do... REST!

The Orange Conference is worth its weight in gold concerning your time and money. Do what it takes to make this happen. If costs pose an issue, then plan for it a couple of months ahead of time, and look for ways to attend. 

I've written quite a bit on my blog about Orange, and you can read all of those posts by visiting my Archives page

If you decide to go, then let me know. I'd love to stand in the food truck line with you. 

QUESTION: Are you going? If not, then what's stopping you? If so, then what breakout sessions will you be attending?