For more than a decade, I have dedicated my professional career to the field of Youth Ministry, consisting of the topics that I consult and coach. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


1. To assist smaller and medium sized churches with either beginning a student ministry from scratch or taking an existing student ministry from "good to great."

2. To design and implement a strategy for youth ministry.

3. To utilize only the resources and personnel available to you and your church or organization to carry out the assessment provided to you.  

I am committed to providing the finest, most appropriate, and affordable consulting and coaching on Professional Youth Ministry in the industry.


I am currently available for new clients. I can arrange communication via phone, Skype, or in person - my location or yours. Pricing depends upon size of ministry, length of consultation, number of topics discussed, and numbers of persons involved.

I typically advise leaders and teams on the following topics:

  • Adolescent Development and Faith Formation
  • Curriculum
  • Structures and Systems of Ministry Building
  • Program Development
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Leadership Development
  • Building Missional Partnerships
  • Social Media Integration
  • Implementing Strategies for Contact Work
  • Contextualizing Ministry to the Needs of Your Community
  • Personal Pastoral Formation
Contact me for your free Discovery Session to discern if I am the right fit for your needs.

What is Consulting?

Consulting is for either a lone ministry staff person or an organizational team for the expressed purpose of organizational and programmatic development. Typically, those who request my consultation are seeking to grow their already existing youth ministry programs. I am available, however, for start-up teams who are seeking to design and implement a youth ministry philosophy and program from the ground up.

All new inquiries are invited to receive a FREE Discovery Session. If you and I agree that I would be a beneficial asset to your team, then you may choose from one of three consultation paths that will be tailored to address the desired needs of your team:

  • 1 Half-Day Session of Youth Ministry Leadership Consultation (3 Hours)
  • 1 Full Day Session of Youth Ministry Leadership Consultation (6 Hours)
  • On-Going Sessions of Youth Ministry Leadership Consultation (As Directed)

During these consultation meetings, you will receive from me the latest research concerning relevant and informed information pertaining to Youth Ministry, all of my resources (including the actual books, articles, presentation, and notes) used during the consultation, and a personal follow-up from me after our consultation meeting together in order to guarantee that you and your team are satisfied with the outcome of your desired consultation path.  

***Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. If your team was not fully and completely satisfied with my service, then I absolutely guarantee a full refund of all money paid. No questions asked.   

What is Coaching?

Coaching is for individuals only who desire personal and professional growth for long-term, sustainable, and thriving ministry. It requires a significant time-commitment from the point of agreement, along with a substantial amount of study and preparation before sessions, including a heavy load of reading and writing — on par with a seminary level of study.

You will receive a personally tailored program to ensure that you receive the tools necessary for your continued success in ministry. At the end of your coaching term, I will send you a Certificate of Completion indicating your level of study and ministry readiness. 

You will also receive an outline of content discussed, resources used, and notes of improvement to be given to your employer or used as a reference for your next ministry position.

All new inquiries are invited to receive a FREE Discovery Session. During your Discover Session, we will discern if I am the right person to meet your needs. If we decide to move forward together, then you may choose from one of two coaching paths:

  • 3-month Youth Ministry Leadership Coaching Agreement (6 1-Hour Sessions)
  • 1-month Youth Ministry Leadership Coaching Agreement (3 1-Hour Sessions) 

Personal coaching through either one of my Youth Ministry Leadership pathways is a one-on-one personal agreement and tailored to fit your ministry needs and desired focus. You will read a variety of books and articles, engage in practical, applicable projects, conduct contextualized case-studies, and complete your track with a detailed thesis and philosophy of ministry, containing a 6-month and 2 year plan for your ministry.  

After you complete your coaching term, I will follow-up with you once a quarter for the next year at no additional cost to ensure that you are continuing with your desired path in ministry.

***Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. Given the long-term nature of coaching, you will not receive a refund of payment after you complete the second session. Until then, I absolutely guarantee a full refund of all money paid. No questions asked.  

The Next Step

I would be pleased and honored to discuss whether consulting and/or coaching would be a right next step for you. I genuinely love Youth Ministry - and all that it entails - and I want others to succeed in their work with students, whether it be in a church or organization.

If you want to explore this further with me and take advantage of your FREE Discovery Session, then please feel free to contact me at my Contact Page or by email at I will respond to your request within 48 hours. Thank you again for your consideration.