Just Consider the Orange Conference

It will be worth your while. In fact, if I was independently wealthy, then I would offer a full refund to you out of my own pocket if you did not find value in it!!! Take a look at this recap video from last year's conference, and see for yourself all of the potential in store for you at #OC15 (if you are reading this from your email - thank you for subscribing - and please view the video in your web browser):

Awesome, right? I was there. Awesome does not quite capture the event. Over 6,000 family ministry leaders, across senior, NextGen, student, children’s and preschool ministries, gathered to hear how just one word can change everything—YES. 

And this year, you need to say YES to this conference. 

I know you have a budget, so do I. And if you are a volunteer, caring adult, or parent, then I realize you may be required to cover some of these expenses out of pocket. Last year, I covered several accommodation expenses out of my own personal pocket, even as a full time vocational worker.

But the investment into my personal and ministry preparation was worth more than pure gold. 

This conference can potentially serve as a space and respite for you to think, create, and reorient your heart to the redemption and salvation of our Lord for the sake of your families, church, community, and kingdom! I commend this conference to you as one that can repair and equip you for the good, hard work of family ministry, regardless of your place at the church or position on the org chart. 

Please contact me with any questions. If you would like to learn about it, then navigate to my Contact Page and send me a note. I would be honored to share with you my experiences of attending the 2013 and 2014 conferences, as well as my thoughts on the organization and curriculum.

And if you feel compelled to pull the trigger now, then click here to get your ticket.

For more information about the Orange conference, including dates, accommodations, speakers, and everything else you could possibly want to know, then visit the Orange Conference

Blessings on your preparation! See you at the Orange conference