Harnessing the Dynamic Qualities of Orange

What does it mean to harness the qualities of a color?

Orange connects parents and leaders with the same strategy and same end goal.
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For Family Ministry leaders, Orange represents much more than a color. It is a philosophy, a strategy for implementation, and a community.

This week, a group of friends and ministry leaders who unabashedly bleed Orange will be sharing their stories about how they have harnessed the powerful dynamics of this profound philosophy and curriculum. I highly commend each of them to you:


Children’s Ministry
Jonathan Cliff, JonathanCliff.com
Matt Norman, It’sPastorMatt.com
Yancy Richmond, YancyNotNancy.com

Middle School Ministry
JC Thompson, JSisOnline.com

Youth Ministry
Austin Walker, YouthMin.org
Benjamin Kerns, AverageYouthMinistry.com
Jonathan Cliff, JonathanCliff.com
Michael Bayne, MichaelBayne.net
Ryan Reed, RyanReed.me
Tom Pounder, YMSidekick.com

NextGen / Family Ministry
Joe McAlpine, JoeMcAlpine.com
Jonathan Cliff, JonathanCliff.com
Michael Bayne, MichaelBayne.net
Nick Blevins, NickBlevins.com
Pat Rowland, PatRowland.com
Tom Pounder, YMSidekick.com



Orange is a philosophy.

Why Orange? What does this color represent? Check out whatisorange.com for the full low down. In short, the color Orange fuses the light of the church, represented by the color Yellow, with the love of the family, represented by the color Red, and together, these colors, these entities, create the powerful and dynamic partnership of Family Ministry.

These two institutions, the Church and the Family, make up the greatest single factor in the faith formation of a child. They need each other and cannot go about the task of faith formation alone.

Churches carry the story of faith and redemption, while families love and raise a child into adulthood. Neither can complete the task and purpose of the other. The Church cannot assume the task of the family and likewise with the family and the church.

Orange, better than any other model, philosophy, or strategy for Family Ministry, seeks to leverage the influence of these two institutions together, resulting in a full, comprehensive philosophy for church-based Family Ministry that includes an outstanding curriculum and community of leaders who participate in it.

This week, I will be sharing my story of how I became Orange and why you should consider joining me.


QUESTION: Would you consider taking the first step of learning more about it by visiting www.whatisorange.com?