Great Leaders Eat Last

A couple of weeks ago, my great friends Benjamin Kerns and Jeremy Zach turned me onto a book recently published by Simon Sinek called Leaders Eat Last. 

Before I bought the book, however, they forwarded onto me this video that I embedded below. 5 minutes into it I paused it, grabbed a notepad, and filled 3 pages front and back with note and insights. The concepts of this video and book fundamentally change the way that I lead. 

Sinek's fundamental thesis supposes what it would look like when we examine the traits of strong leadership through an biological, anthropological lens. His findings may surprise you. It turns out that the most affective leaders may not always be the Alpha-type. 

I highly commend this video to you. Watch it, wrestle with it, and work through these principles to allow your own leadership to flourish and thrive, whether you lead groups of hundreds or the members of your family. Everyone needs safety. People always follow safety, and the most influential leaders always create safety. 

QUESTION: What point from this video most impacted you? Did you disagree with anything that Sinek said?