The Joy of Advent

The Joy of Advent

I can remember well sitting in our doctor’s office, fully confident that the image that would soon appear on the sonograph screen would be... a boy. In my gut, I just knew it. Though my wife - also fully confident - knew that the little baby inside of her would be a girl, I still daydreamed with her about our little boy.

Who would he be? What would we name him? Would he love football as much as his daddy? Would he follow in his daddy’s footsteps? Would he experience premature male pattern baldness like his daddy? In fact, I felt so confident that our little baby would be a boy that I invested a considerable amount of time thinking about how I would console Stacy when she learned of the news.

The time came.

The Joy of Living Together in Community

I admit: I am a couple of weeks behind a week long fad. But, following the idea and lead of the kids, allowing them to choreograph the dance, and then observing the smiles and celebration afterward was absolutely priceless!

What you watched in this video is what Christ-centered community looks like. This is why I blog. This is why I love kids. This is why I am a Student Pastor. This is why I will chase after kids and parents until I feel overwhelmed from exhausted. And this is why I hope and pray so much that every kid will join with us to experience the true joy, adventure, and awesomeness of following Jesus... together!

I have the best job in the world!