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9 Habits to Make Your Devotional Life Come Alive!

9 Habits to Make Your Devotional Life Come Alive!

If you read this title and immediately felt a twinge in your gut, then you are in good company. Keeping a consistent, thriving devotional life has been one of the most difficult spiritual disciplines for me to cultivate, and I suspect the same is true for you. 

A number of factors have contributed to my lackluster performance on this front, including:

Timing - I allow other well-meaning events take charge of my schedule

Priorities - I place a greater emphasis upon other activities that take my attention away from faith.

Desire - May I admit that sometimes I just don't feel like it? Are you with me?

I am constantly convicted and reminded by a quote from Oswald Chambers that reads, "The greatest enemy of the life of faith in God is not sin, but the good which is not good enough." This characterizes so much of how I used to life out my faith, including my devotional life.