Key Ingredients for a Thriving Ministry Recipe

Key Ingredients for a Thriving Ministry Recipe

Not long ago my wife introduced me to the best show on television... Chopped. I love it. Hands down noting beats it. A simple show in concept: four chefs compete against one another using a basket of mystery ingredients - yet so captivating!

Why? Because the ingredients equalize the playing field. Whether the chef be a novice out of culinary a school or a multi-restaurant owner veteran, each chef receives the ingredients at the same time and must respond to them. 

The ingredients are the star of the show. They call out the character of the chef. Not the other way around. It's the ingredients that define the path.

How to Make Fun a Team Value

How to Make Fun a Team Value

The words ‘fun’ and ‘church staff’ often seem more like oxymorons than necessary partners. In fact, even as I write this, I just finished a staff meeting. Fun is not the word I would use to describe it. 

And perhaps rightly so. 

Church staffs need structured, time-bounded meetings to discuss and critically engage with the necessary issues pertinent to ministry. Various seasons in the year call for team members to discuss hard conversations, make tough decisions, disagree with one another, and maintain deadlines. Not fun things to do, but very necessary things to do. The health and growth of every ministry organization depends on these kinds of meetings. 

Creating a High School Strategy that Wins!

Creating a High School Strategy that Wins!

One of the most important and beneficial workshops that I attended at the 2015 Orange Conference was by Doug Fields on creating a viable strategy for your high school ministry. 

I considered this workshop so important because every single one of the principles that he discussed could be applied to just about every other facet of my life and ministry. I literally felt so full with all of his wisdom that I considered skipping the next couple of workshops just to digest what Fields talked about. 

I took fervent notes, trying to keep up with his pace, while also letting my heart and soul fill up with wisdom and discernment for my own ministry context. Of all of the breakouts I attended, I felt the Spirit move me during this one more than any other. I hope that these notes benefit you and your context. And for those of you reading this blog as a parent, volunteer, or caring adult, I hope that these notes can inspire, equip, and challenge you to do better and greater ministry in your context.

I believe in you and what God has called you to do! Praise God that we get to do this great work called Youth Ministry!

Why You Need to Shift Your Focus from Students to Adults

Over the recent months, I have been facing a paradigm shift in my own philosophy of ministry. I am learning that for my role as the Student Pastor good youth ministry is good ministry with adults.

I think I always knew this. It has been stirring in the back of my mind for several years. I studied under Kenda Creasy Dean who used to harp on this topic without end, but only lately have I let it truly infiltrate my philosophy of student ministry. Here's why: I am committed to a modality of growth with our middle and high school programs that seeks to create a safe space for any and every teenager to safely land and encounter the living Jesus Christ.