Creating a High School Strategy that Wins!

Creating a High School Strategy that Wins!

One of the most important and beneficial workshops that I attended at the 2015 Orange Conference was by Doug Fields on creating a viable strategy for your high school ministry. 

I considered this workshop so important because every single one of the principles that he discussed could be applied to just about every other facet of my life and ministry. I literally felt so full with all of his wisdom that I considered skipping the next couple of workshops just to digest what Fields talked about. 

I took fervent notes, trying to keep up with his pace, while also letting my heart and soul fill up with wisdom and discernment for my own ministry context. Of all of the breakouts I attended, I felt the Spirit move me during this one more than any other. I hope that these notes benefit you and your context. And for those of you reading this blog as a parent, volunteer, or caring adult, I hope that these notes can inspire, equip, and challenge you to do better and greater ministry in your context.

I believe in you and what God has called you to do! Praise God that we get to do this great work called Youth Ministry!

A Case and Instruction for Background Checks

A number of components comprise a healthy, faithful, and trustworthy ministry.

Among them includes a worked out process for hiring and releasing staff and volunteers, a specific and dedicated mission, and a concrete vision for direction. A list a mile long could span this post of all of the different pieces that make up a thriving ministry.

Additionally, a measure that must not be overlooked, however, are Background Checks.