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Do Your Students Really Feel Ashamed for Doubting?

Do Your Students Really Feel Ashamed for Doubting?

In the not so distant past, one of the dominant discussions permeating throughout student ministry consisted of the tension between doubt and shame. Does the church bestow shame - either implicitly or explicitly - upon students who doubt?

Perhaps, among certain cultures, certain geographical locations, certain groups of people who interpret Scripture a particular way, certain networks and denominations of churches - perhaps - but I believe that this paradigm of discipleship is fading fast into the distant background. 

There are Perks to Being a Wallflower, but...

It ought not be your identity. 

First, the perks…

I was assigned to read this book during a class I took during seminary called the 'Psychology of Adolescents.' It was one of the most formative courses I studied in seminary. Even to this day, I am surprised by how much I retained from the class and implement on a weekly basis. Each week of the class, our professor, Robert Dykstra, assigned us to read adolescent therapy texts alongside of teenage novels, as a way of marrying study with practice. One of those books was The Perks of Being a Wallflower.